Camille Baldock

Goodbye Little Miss Geek

January 20, 2013 | 1 Minute Read

I went on a renaming spree of some of my online accounts to abandon my old “LittleMissGeek” accounts.

In particular, I abandoned my old littlemissgeek Github account and switched to camilleldn.

A few of my other accounts, like Twitter and Coderwall, have followed suit.

There are a few reasons for deciding on that change of name:

I firstly felt that it was no longer representative of how I felt about myself. If I or my friends were listing all the adjectives that could be used to describe me, “little” would definitely never come up.

As Roger Murtaugh says…

Too old for this shit

The second reason was being called “Miss” was no longer something I was happy with. I chose the nickname when I was 15, and at that time, having people calling me “Miss” and assuming that I was unmarried was not a issue. I was 15, marriage isn’t legal for 15-year-olds where I grew up: I was still a girl and no offence was taken.

But as the years went by being called “Miss” began being grating. I’m not married so, yes, I’m technically a “Miss”. But truth is, calling a grown woman “Miss” is often a way of talking down to her. When I get called that, I feel like I’m being infantilised–which at least some of the time is exactly what’s intended.

After a few years working as a software engineer, this renaming also carries the hope that it might prevent me from being infantilised and patronised in online technical communities.

I know some women who do prefer “Miss” because not being married is an essential part of how they define themselves. I am not one of them…so…

Goodbye LittleMissGeek