Camille Baldock

A hub of developers

May 18, 2014 | 1 Minute Read

I asked the audience at the Bacon 2014 conference to vote for their favourite collective noun for developers. The most mentioned words were “hub”, “stack” and “heap”. Out of those three, my personal favourite is “hub”.

A couple of definitions for “hub” are:

  • the central part of a wheel.

  • a point where many routes meet and traffic is distributed, dispensed or diverted.

I am particularly enamoured with the notion of “a hub of developers” because:

  • it goes beyond of the notion of only storing data but emcompasses a wider range of programming activities

  • it does not convey a notion of any order or hierarchy within that group

  • it is appropriate for a group of developers even if spread across several physical locations

Thank you all for participating!

The complete list of mentioned collective nouns suggested is:

  • awkward
  • band
  • bikeshed
  • buffer
  • class
  • cogent
  • congealment
  • destruction
  • development
  • disruption
  • flatulence
  • fork
  • hash
  • heap
  • hub
  • indecision
  • indent
  • inquisition
  • kernel
  • merge
  • module
  • namespace
  • pedant
  • repository
  • set
  • space
  • stack
  • swarm
  • thread